Decisions Surrounding Hiring A Lawyer For Your Personal Injury Claim

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We understand that hiring a personal injury lawyer is a big deal.  However, there are lots of misconceptions out there.  Here are some of the questions I hear most often and questions to ask when choosing a personal injury attorney.

How much will a personal injury attorney cost?  

Our initial consultation is free and confidential.  We don’t charge retainers or hourly fees.  Instead, we handle every personal injury case on a contingency fee basis.  This means that we charge a percentage of your total recovery at the end of the case.  In addition, our dollar for dollar costs spent on pursuing your claim are reimbursed from any recovery.  If you don’t get paid for some reason, we don’t get paid either.  

Will anyone know if I consult with a personal injury attorney?

No.  Our consultations are always free and confidential.  Confidentiality is sacred and what we discuss is between us.  

Can I handle my claim myself?  

In “fender bender” cases which do not involve major injuries, it is possible for you to handle your own insurance claim.  We offer FREE CRASH COURSES where we go over many key issues with you, so that you can decide if you feel comfortable handling your own claim.   

What should I look for in choosing a personal injury attorney?

In choosing a personal injury attorney, there are many questions you should ask, including:

What percentage of your practice is devoted to personal injury law? 

Some attorneys claim that they “do everything.”  At our firm, we devote 100% of our practice to personal injury law.  Would you ask a cardiologist to check out your ankle sprain?

How many personal injury cases have you handled? 

Hopefully, this will be in the hundreds based on many years of experience.

Will you go to court for me if we can’t settle for a reasonable amount? 

Personal injury attorneys should have experience filing and pursuing litigation.

Tell me some success stories! 

The attorney should have a few dealing with issues similar to yours.

Do you communicate with your clients? 

All attorneys should communicate openly with their clients.  We pride ourselves on client communication and keeping our clients informed every step of the way.

Will you answer my calls? 

Again, communication is essential for a good lawyer-client relationship.  Once we take on a case, you have access to your attorney and don’t have to 
settle for back and forth messages through a secretary.

What can I expect during your handling of my case? 

The attorney should be able to outline the process, from start to finish.  

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