If You've Been Involved In A Motorcycle Accident You Should Speak With An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney As Soon As Possible

In Louisiana, approximately 1,200 people are injured or killed in motorcycle accidents every year. Motorcycle drivers have more of a chance of being killed in a crash than do occupants of an automobile. Because motorcyclists are highly exposed, it is important to take extra precautions when operating a motorcycle.

Common Motorcycle and Scooter Accidents 

No matter how many “share the road” signs we see, the simple fact is that most motorists do not take the proper safeguards when driving around motorcycles and scooters. For instance, motorists typically fail to provide the proper distance when driving behind motorcycles and fail to look out for motorcycles and scooters when turning or changing lanes. Common motorcycle and scooter accidents include driver’s making left turns into motorcycles, rear-ending motorcycles, braking too quickly in front of a motorcycle, and even opening a car door and striking a motorcycle driver. Most motorcycle crashes occur because another motorist is simply not accustomed to looking out for a motorcycle.

Motorcycle and Scooter Safety

Motorcyclists must look out for their own safety and take extra precautions. Equipment safety is critical. This includes checking the motorcycle, including tires, foot brakes, headlights, and turn signals before every ride. Extra driver’s education courses are also recommended. Motorcyclists, more than any other drivers, benefit from defensive driving.

But what is defensive driving? ANSI standards define it as “driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.” The Smith System of Training is a program developed by Harold Smith in 1948. It has five main principles:

  • Aim High: Focus your attention to the entire road, and not just to the car ahead of you.
  • The Big Picture: Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Keep Your Eyes Moving: Remain alert and don’t get in a “driving trance.”
  • Leave Yourself an Out: Anticipate what other drivers may do and don’t get boxed in.
  • Make Sure They See You: Don’t assume other drivers see you or anticipate your move. Avoid getting into another’s blind spot.

Finally, it is important that motorcyclists wear protective gear, including a helmet meeting DOT requirements and protective clothing (leather or heavy denim) that completely covers the arms and legs.

Common Motorcycle and Scooter Injuries and Damages

Motorcycle and Scooter drivers have the same rights as do drivers of any other vehicle involved in a crash. Because they are more exposed, motorcyclists are much more at risk for death or serious injuries, including head trauma, concussions, back and neck injuries, broken bones, and road rash. When it comes to motorcycle property damage, getting properly compensated for your damaged or totaled motorcycle can be tricky. That’s because many motorcycles are customized based on the rider’s preferences. Similarly, motorcycle owners take pride in unique, classic, and vintage motorcycles which may be difficult to appraise properly.

Our Law Firm Handles Motorcycle and Scooter Accident Cases

We have years of experience representing motorcyclists in Louisiana who have been involved in wrecks and who have suffered serious injuries. We have handled motorcycle and scooter cases including rear-end collisions, left-turn incidents, forced bailout accidents, and abrupt stop cases. We have even handled a case where our client was rear-ended and ended up taking a ride on a hood of the car that hit him. In many instances, victims of motorcycle accidents are blamed for the wreck, even if it was not their fault. It is sometimes incorrectly assumed that the motorcycle driver must be at fault. When this happens, we set the insurance company straight by gathering evidence, including the police report, photos, and witness statements, and in some cases, even hire an accident reconstruction expert to help show how the accident occurred. We take care of every aspect of a motorcycle or scooter accident, including assisting our clients with their property damage claim and making sure our clients are getting the medical care they may require. We handle motorcycle and scooter cases from start to finish, keeping our clients up to date through the entire process.

Have You Been Hurt In A Covington Area Motorcycle Accident?

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