We Fight for the Rights of Victims Injured in Louisiana Accidents

Accident victims in Louisiana have rights and Flattmann Law in Covington is here to protect those rights. When you have been seriously injured--or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed--in a motor vehicle crash, slip and fall, maritime accident, or industrial accident, we will fight for the compensation you deserve. We serve clients from the Northshore and surrounding parishes.

Injuries & Accidents

The car came out of nowhere and now you are suffering from serious injuries. The at-fault driver’s insurance company is giving you the runaround and the hospital is expecting you to pay astronomical bills. Where can you turn for help? Attorney Grady J. Flattmann understands what you are going through. We know you are probably very uncomfortable with the thought of suing someone, but sometimes legal action is needed to hold people responsible for the damage they have done.

Insurance companies often don’t take injured victims seriously until there is a threat of a lawsuit. At Flattmann Law, we know how to go after what you deserve when you are injured. We will hold the responsible party accountable and do it in the least stressful and most cost-effective way possible. The best part is, you don’t pay us until and unless we get paid by the insurance company. Call to schedule a free consultation today! 

Maritime/Jones Act

Injury accidents that occur on the water are subject to different laws than accidents on land. When you are injured on a vessel, oil rig, or commercial dock on the Louisiana coast, you need an attorney with maritime and Jones Act experience. Attorney Grady Flattmann has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you with your maritime or Jones Act injury claim.

Maritime work is abundant in our area, but that doesn’t mean every personal injury attorney is prepared to adequately prepare and argue your case. If you or a loved one is injured in a man overboard, onboard explosion or fire, fall, or electrical shock accident on a vessel or oil rig, you need experienced representation to ensure you get the benefits you are entitled to under maritime law. Contact Flattmann Law for a free consultation to discuss your case. 

Wrongful Death

Losing a spouse or parent in a tragic accident is a devastating experience. When the accident is the fault of a drunk driver, unsafe workplace, defective product, or negligent property owner, the senselessness can make it even harder to overcome. When a fatal accident is caused by another party’s negligent or wrongful action, surviving family members may be able to sue for damages under a wrongful death claim. Experienced Louisiana attorney Grady Flattmann offers free case reviews to determine if your loved one’s death is cause for legal action.

After the death of a loved one, you and your family need time and privacy to process your grief and figure out how to move forward. When Attorney Flattmann takes your wrongful death claim, you can be sure he will hold the liable party responsible and fight to get you the compensation you need—and that your loved one would want you to have—to move on with your life. Call today for a free consultation.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle crashes can be traumatic events, especially when you are seriously injured. For many people, it is all they can do to see to their medical treatment and deal with their damaged car. Taking on an insurance company who is refusing to pay the compensation they deserve is too much to think about. Unfortunately, accident victims are unlikely to get the settlement to which they are entitled when they deal with the insurance company on their own. With the help of an experienced car accident attorney, however, their odds are greatly improved.

Attorney Grady J. Flattmann cannot take away the physical pain you are going through, but he can take away some of the stress and anxiety associated with your claim. When you are injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle crash in Louisiana, contact the Flattman Law office in Covington. We accept motor vehicle accident cases from across Louisiana, including the parishes of St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Washington, Jefferson, and Orleans. Call Flattmann Law to schedule your free consultation today.