Can I Change My Mind About The Lawyer I Selected To Represent Me Following A Louisiana Car Accident?

We often get phone calls from injury victims who are not satisfied with their current lawyer and are looking to hire another law firm to handle their case.  I always encourage those callers to contact their current attorney and schedule a meeting to discuss their concerns and to get a clear understanding of what is being done in their case.  Most times, a simple meeting with their attorney solves the problem.  

If a person is already represented by another attorney, we cannot discuss the specifics of their case with them unless they have discharged their present attorney.  The primary reason is that doing so may compromise the attorney-client confidentiality they have with their current lawyer.  

A client who fires their attorney should do so in writing.  The client should also request their entire file so that their new lawyer can review it.  It is important to note that firing an attorney does not mean that they will not be owed money at the end of your case.  In fact, a fired attorney may have a claim for repayment of case expenses and for fees, depending on the amount of work they did prior to getting fired.  

Communication with your current attorney is always encouraged prior to making the decision to switch lawyers.

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