Do I Still Have An Accident Insurance Claim If The At-Fault Driver Didn’t Get A Ticket?

At Flattmann Law, we are not surprised when a client tells us that the other driver did not receive a ticket for causing an accident, even when they were obviously at fault. I’d estimate that around 50% of the time, tickets are not issued following car wrecks. So, how does that impact your car wreck claim?

Your Claim is NOT Based on Whether the Other Driver was Ticketed:

The other driver does not have to receive a ticket or citation for you to be able to file and pursue an auto insurance claim with their insurance company. While the insurance adjuster may ask if anyone received a ticket, that fact will not, in and of itself, determine whether the insurance company accepts responsibility. Instead, to decide on liability, the adjuster will also consider how the accident happened according to the police report, dash cam footage, witness statements, and other available evidence.

In short, the insurance company can still choose to accept responsibility/liability for a car wreck, even if their driver did not receive a ticket for the wreck. 

Have You Been Injured In A Wreck Caused By Another Driver?

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