Does Flattmann Law Accept Every Case?

At Flattmann Law, we accept about 8% of the calls we receive.  That means, for every ten phone calls we get inquiring about a car wreck or personal injury, one of those callers may become our client. 

Why so few?  We take pride in the quality of representation we provide in each and every case we accept.  We make sure the cases we take have merit, are serious, and result in good relationships with our clients. 

Does the case have merit?

The key factor in any personal injury case is liability, or who is responsible for causing an accident or incident.  Sometimes this is straightforward, like when a car is sitting at a red light and gets rear-ended by a driver who is texting.  But sometimes, liability is not as straightforward, like when a crash happens at an intersection and two people both swear that they had the green light.  Sometimes, a caller may not understand that their own actions caused or contributed to an accident and that they may be liable. 

When we consider a case, evidence regarding liability plays a huge role in our decision whether we can represent a client.  Even if we can’t take a case, we make sure to let the caller know the reason.

Does the case involve injuries?

At Flattmann Law, we represent clients who have suffered serious injuries as a result of car wrecks, including family members of loved ones who have died as a result of major accidents.  One thing we discuss during a potential client’s phone call is whether the person was injured because of the car accident.  If the answer is yes, we discuss their medical history, including any future treatment. 

If a caller has not suffered a legitimate injury, we will not be able to represent them.  However, in those cases, we still try our best to point that person in the right direction concerning their rights against the at-fault insurance company.

In some cases, the caller may not realize just how badly they are injured.  They may say that they are “okay” and then go on to describe how they have been suffering with all kinds of injuries they didn’t have prior to the accident.  Something is definitely wrong and the last thing they want to do is resolve their car wreck claim before getting checked out by their doctor. 

Our Firm Is About Quality, Not Quantity

At Flattmann Law, we take pride in the way we handle each and every one of our clients’ cases.  Unlike many larger firms, our success does not depend on taking and settling as many cases as quickly as possible.  Through the course of our representation, we form close relationships with our clients.  If we take a case, that means we will do everything we can to obtain a favorable outcome for our client.  We will exceed the expectations of our clients

We review cases BEFORE taking them:

Some large law firms have a very low bar when it comes to accepting cases and will “sign up” nearly every call they get.  It’s only after they get around to reviewing the substance of the case a few weeks later when they conclude that the case does not have merit and end up dumping (terminating) the case.  At Flattmann Law, we have even gotten calls from clients whose cases were dumped by accident by another firm.  Yikes!  At our firm, we do our research before entering into a contract with a client to handle their case.

Have You Been In An Accident And Need An Attorney That Values Quality Over Quantity?

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