How Do You Establish Fault After A Red Light Car Accident?

The most common excuse an at-fault driver has when accused of running a red light is that their light was green.  “Green light-red light” accidents are common and insurance companies love to deny insurance claims based on their insured’s own self-saving statement.  So, how can you establish fault after a red-light accident?

First, it is very important to study the police report for any evidence the police may have gathered during their investigation.  Were there any independent witnesses who saw the accident?  Perhaps a fellow driver who was nice enough to stop and provide their statement?  

Second, a trip to the accident scene may be useful to see if there are any stores or residences around with cameras which may have captured the accident.  It is important to do this as soon as possible, since many surveillance systems erase footage after a certain amount of time.  

Finally, we sometimes use an accident reconstruction expert to analyze the details of the accident, including damage to the vehicles, skid marks, etc., in order to prove how the accident occurred.  

These are just a few ways we attempt to establish fault when the other driver denies running a red light.   

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