I Gave The Insurance Company A Recorded Statement Following My Truck Accident But Before I Talked To An Attorney. What Can I Do?

Don’t feel bad if you already gave the insurance company a recorded statement following a truck accident.  About half of our clients unwittingly give recorded statements prior to hiring us, only to later discover that the law doesn’t require them to do so.  

The number 1 reason we typically do not allow our clients to give recorded statements following a truck accident is because they are unnecessary.  If the insurance company has the police report, can speak with their own insured, or can otherwise obtain facts indicating that their insured was at-fault for causing the accident, why do they need your statement?  The reason is because they want to have a free chance at you saying the wrong thing or stating that you are “ok” following an accident.  They want a clip of your own voice to use against you later.  That’s it.  

If you do hire a personal injury attorney, it is important to tell them whether you have given a recorded statement so that they can ask for that statement from the insurance company.  If you regret giving a recorded statement, don’t beat yourself up about it.  Call us instead.

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