How Do We Use The Internet To Investigate A Car Wreck Claim?

There is an amazing amount of information out there in cyberspace!  When Flattmann Law is hired to represent a client with a car accident claim, it is not uncommon for us to take to the internet for some initial research and investigation.

Accident Scene:

Even for car wrecks that may seem straightforward (like rear-end collisions), we typically use sites like Google Maps to get a better idea for the accident scene.  We look at intersections, locations of stop signs and traffic lights, distractions, etc.  If we have the information before an initial client consultation, we sometimes print out maps so that we can have our client point out exactly where an accident happened.  We want to make sure we understand exactly what happened so that we can represent our clients most effectively.

Social Media Sites, including Facebook:

It is amazing how much personal information people post on social media.  Not only do criminals collect (or mine) the data placed on social media, but after a major car wreck case, insurance adjusters and their investigators may also be collecting that information.  In fact, when we take a case, one of the first things we tell our clients is to be careful what they post, as a photo, video, or statement may be misconstrued and used against them later on. 

When we are working on a big personal injury claim, we may search social media sites, including Facebook to see what information our clients have posted publicly.  We look for pictures, videos, and anything else which may be used against them in their case. 

Business Information:

If a car wreck claim involves a company vehicle, we may need to search online for the company’s corporate information, including whether they are registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State.  When we file a lawsuit, it is important to get information regarding the company’s registered agent for service.  This is especially true for insurance company defendants, whose information may be found on the Louisiana Department of Insurance’s website. 

Police Reports and Other Records:

For 95% of our cases, we are able to obtain police reports for car wrecks online.  Sometimes, depending on the accident, the police also take pictures of the scene which are available to purchase. 

In some cases requiring substantial research, we may submit public records requests (or Freedom of information requests) to different public entities via online portals.  For instance, a public records request may be issued to the State of Louisiana for traffic camera footage.

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