How Does Flattmann Law Maintain Their Values During An Insurance Claim?

St. Tammany Parish is a wonderful place to live and raise a family because of the people who live here. For nearly 20 years, Flattmann Law has been representing hardworking, honest people on the Northshore. Over and over, our clients come in after a wreck saying, “I just want what’s right.” That’s how we handle personal injury cases. We don’t make things up, we play by the book, and we work our tails off in order to make things right for our clients.

We don’t make things up, but we don’t sell ourselves short either:

What may be the straightforward facts of an accident to you or me may be more complicated to the insurance company. When we report an accident, we don’t embellish the facts. Instead, we provide the insurance company with facts based on witness accounts, the accident report, photos and videos of the scene, dashcam footage, and other evidence.

All too often accident victims get long-winded during their conversations with insurance adjusters and start guessing at the facts of the accident; how fast they were going, how many seconds between the time they saw the other vehicle and the crash, how long the light was green, etc. Well-intentioned folks can get in trouble fast by guessing facts, even when they think they are doing the right thing.

The reporting and valuing of injuries is not embellished:

We don’t hand out neck braces at the door. Instead, we carefully convey our clients’ injuries to the insurance company. But we are careful not to jump to conclusions regarding their prognosis, especially since some injuries take more time to develop. In conversations with insurance adjusters, we rely on doctor reports and recommendations and keep a careful watch on our clients’ treatment, every step of the way.

During the course of an insurance claim, we make sure the at-fault insurance company is kept up to date on our client’s treatment status, so that they are properly valuing the claim. When it comes time to settle, we don’t blow smoke. Instead, our numbers are based on a quantum study, taking into account a database of other cases and our nearly 2 decades of experience.

We make sure medical bills are accounted for and accurate:

At Flattmann Law, we have a system of tracking each of our client’s medical bills, from the urgent care or ER to each and every physical therapy session they attend. We use information from their medical providers and health insurer to know exactly where every penny is applied. Once it is time to resolve their case, there is no guess work involved in calculating medical damages. If we are estimating future medical care, we often use an expert life care planner.

Have You Been Injured In A Wreck And Want To Know More?

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