How Long Does It Take For A Jones Act Case To Settle?

How long it takes for a Jones Act case to settle or resolve depends on many factors specific to each case, such as the person’s injuries and medical treatment, the facts of the case, and the parties involved.

In a Jones Act case, the Jones Act employer is responsible for “maintenance and cure.”  That means the employer must pay for the injured employee’s medical expenses and basic living expenses until they reach maximum medical improvement.  Depending on the extent of the worker’s injuries, medical treatment may last several years.  A resolution to a Jones Act case does not typically occur until the worker has finished treating or at least understands what the future may hold for them.  

The facts of a Jones Act case also play a key role in the length of time the case takes to resolve.  Often, employers do not want to accept responsibility or refuse to accept full responsibility for the worker’s injuries.  In those cases, lawyers must gather evidence during a lawsuit to determine the cause of the accident and the parties responsible.

Finally, a Jones Act case against a worker’s employer may also include claims against the owner of the vessel upon which the incident occurred.  Sometimes, “unseaworthiness claims” and other general maritime law claims may be included against third parties in lawsuit.  In those cases, the lawsuit process involves an investigation as to each company’s involvement in the accident. 

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