I Received A Subpoena To Appear In Court About My Car Wreck. What Is This About?

We get calls from clients all the time who have been involved in a car wreck and then receive a subpoena from the Court, asking them to appear and to testify at a hearing.  It can be confusing and upsetting for the Sheriff to knock at your door and hand you a piece of paper commanding your appearance… but don’t worry! 

If the person who caused your accident received a ticket for causing the wreck, they will have to appear in Court on a given date and tell the Court (plead) whether they admit guilt or are challenging the charge against them.  This is even done on small infractions.  If the defendant does not pay the ticket or plead guilty, then a hearing or trial is set so that their case can be heard before a Judge.  (Some Courts have a special traffic Court for handling these matters). 

If a hearing or trial date is set, the District Attorney’s office may issue subpoenas in order to have witnesses appear at the hearing to testify as to the fault of the at-fault driver/defendant.  That’s why the Sheriff is knocking on your door. 

So, What Do You Do If You Have Been Served With A Subpoena? 

First of all, take it seriously and plan to appear at the hearing unless otherwise told not to do so.  Second, you should call the District Attorney’s office and speak with the Assistant District Attorney in charge of that particular case.  Let them know that you received a subpoena and, if you are the accident victim, tell them.  They may be interested if the at-fault driver had insurance and whether their insurance company took care of the damage to your vehicle.  Sometimes, the District Attorney is interested in asking the Court to make the defendant pay “restitution” if he/she didn’t have auto insurance or hasn’t paid for the damages they caused. 

At Flattmann Law, we encourage our clients to contact us if they receive anything about their car accident claim, including subpoenas.  We then walk them through the process and try to take the anxiety out of the process.

Have You Been Injured In A Covington Area Accident And Received A Subpeona?

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