I Was Recently In A Minor Fender Bender And I Agreed With The At-Fault Not To Report The Car Accident, But Now I'm Feeling Pain In My Neck. What Should I Do?

Often, what we originally think is a minor “fender bender” turns out to be more than we expected, either in terms of damage to our vehicle or injuries that progressively get worse.  

The bad news is that it is common after fender benders, to refrain from calling the police, take photos and videos, and do all those things we should be doing after an accident in order to properly document the wreck.    

But wait, there is good news!  Just because the police weren’t called does not mean that the other party cannot be held responsible or that an insurance claim cannot be filed with their insurance company.  Beware.  Time is of the essence.  The longer you wait to pursue the car wreck claim, the harder it becomes to prove your case.  

When a client comes to our firm in a similar position (without an accident report), we quickly get to work gathering all of the information and evidence we can in order to prove our case.  We immediately report the claim to the at-fault insurance company and let them know the extent of any injuries.  

The average vehicle on the road these days weighs just over 2 tons!  That’s plenty enough to cause injuries, even in “fender benders.” 

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