I Was In An Accident On An Oil Rig But I’m Not Hurt. My Co-Workers Say I Have A Jones Act Case. Is This True?

Maybe and maybe not.  Whether you have a Jones Act case depends on whether you are injured and if you qualify as a Jones Act seaman.  

First, it is not uncommon for oil field workers to get hurt on the job and keep working, either for fear of being fired, fear of being taken off the rig, or being tagged as a liability.  But, if you are hurt on a rig and don’t report your injury, you will have trouble getting the company to pay for benefits later on, such as medical expenses.  

If you are injured, you must determine what kind of claim you have.  To qualify under the Jones Act, an injured worker must be a Jones Act seaman.  There are many factors in determining this, including whether the accident occurred on a navigable vessel, whether the employee was working in the service of the vessel, and even the employee’s work history with the company.  

Determining your rights following an injury on an oil rig can be complicated.  If you have questions concerning an incident while working offshore, call us today to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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