I Was In An Accident on Highway 190 In Covington When A Car U-Turned In Front Of Me. What Do I Do?

Highway 190 in Covington was renovated years ago in order to help alleviate traffic along the busy corridor between Covington and Mandeville.  As all Northshore residents know, traffic is still bad and accidents are an everyday occurrence. 

All along Hwy 190 are U-turns which allow drivers to make a left-hand turn on a red light after stopping if traffic is not coming.  The problem is that a lot of drivers forget to make sure traffic is not coming or misjudge how much time they need to safely make the U-turn.  That’s when accidents happen. 

Rememeber To Look For Oncoming Traffic, Even If You Have A Green Light!

The left-turn/U-turn traffic lights on Hwy 190 can be tricky.  Most of them consist of 2 traffic lights.  The first can be seen when you enter the left-turn lane and is straight in front of you.  The second is across the street from the turn itself and visible only after you enter the turn.  Both lights are in sync with one another, meaning that they turn green, yellow, and red at the same time. 

The problem occurs, however, when the first light is turning from green to yellow.  If you are traveling at a good rate of speed and are in close proximity to the light, you may think that you will be able to make the light.  However, it is likely that the second light (across the street) may be red before you get through the intersection, leading to a possible accident. 

Our suggestion when making a U-turn on Highway 190 in Covington or Mandeville: If the first light is turning yellow, slow down and be prepared to stop before entering the intersection.  Remember that most of the U-turns allow a left turn on red, so you will have the opportunity to finish your U-turn if it is safe to do so after your stop.  Better safe than sorry!

Have You Been Injured In A Car Wreck On Highway 190 In Covington Or Mandeville?

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