Should I Get A Dash Cam For My Car?

Dash cams are becoming more and more popular these days.  Whether it is due to the desire to deter thefts or capture car accidents, a majority of new car buyers are now requesting dash cams on their vehicles.  During the last few years, I’ve been seeing more of my clients’ accidents caught on tape than ever before.  So, should you get a dash cam for your car?  I say “yes,” but be careful if you do have a dash cam as explained below.

Dash cam footage can be great at proving fault during a car or truck wreck.  This is especially the case when the at-fault driver denies liability or tries to lie about what happened.  I’ve seen this several times in cases where, but not for the dash cam footage of a good Samaritan, my client would have been wronged by a driver who lied about what happened. 

But, Be Careful.....

If you are at fault for causing an accident, be careful what you do with dash cam footage and certainly do not destroy it.  If you do, the other party may claim that you purposefully destroyed important evidence.

Do You Have Dash Cam Video Of Your Own Accident?

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