What Are Some Tips To Help Avoid Being Involved In A T-Bone Collision?

A T-bone collision refers to a car accident when one vehicle hits another in the side, forming the shape of a “T.”  T-bone accidents can result in serious injury, since the driver or passenger of the vehicle incur a direct hit from the side.  So, how do you avoid being in a T-bone collision?

Pay Attention At Intersections:

T-bone wrecks occur at intersections, with one vehicle typically running a red light or stop sign.  When approaching an intersection, take time to observe the traffic coming from the approaching cross-street.  Is traffic stopped, or is there a car that looks to be accelerating, trying to beat their light?    

Watch Out For “Wavers”:

I can’t tell you how many cases we have handled where the at-fault driver claims to have been “waved” through by another driver, just before crashing into our client.  This often occurs when vehicles are exiting parking lots onto busy streets.  So, how do you avoid becoming a victim?

When driving past a line of cars traveling in the opposite direction, be alert for gaps in the line near parking lots, where someone in the parking lot may try to jet across.  If you can’t see if someone is trying to come out of a parking lot, slow down so that you can avoid an accident if they dart out in front of you. 

When Driving Down Busy Roads, Try To Pick The Outer-Most Lane:

If you have two or more lanes to choose from while driving down a busy street with lots of driveways entering from the right side, safely switch lanes to the outer-most (probably the left) lane.  In doing so, you create more space between you and vehicles entering the roadway, decreasing your chance of getting hit by those vehicles. 

Be Extra Careful When Approaching “Yield On Green” Intersection:

“Yield on green” intersections are those when traffic in both directions have a green light, but oncoming traffic has the option of making an “unprotected” turn in front of you, only if it is safe to do so (ie. they must yield to oncoming traffic before turning).  These intersections are dangerous because the person looking to turn may not remember that they must yield to oncoming traffic, automatically associating a green light with a green turning arrow, which they don’t have. 

T-bones at yield on green intersections are especially common because the turning vehicle usually turns very quickly without stopping first, giving oncoming traffic very little time to react in order to avoid the collision.

Were You Injured In A T-Bone Collision?

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