What Can I Expect After Filing A Personal Injury Claim?

One of the first steps in recovering money for harms and losses following an auto accident, pedestrian accident, or other personal injury is the filing of a claim with the appropriate insurance company or claims representative. The filing of a claim puts the insurance company on notice of the incident.  

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Once a claim is filed, the insurance company begins to collect information about the incident. They will then make a determination as to whether they are accepting responsibility for the accident or denying liability. The insurance company will also collect information related to the extent of the claimant’s damages. That is, how much the claim may be worth. This amount, sometimes called a “reserve” may increase if the person’s damages are continuing.  

During the claims process, we provide the insurance company with evidence so that they can make a determination as to liability. Evidence can include police reports, witness statements, photographs, and videos. We also keep the insurance company updated as to our clients’ ongoing injuries and damages so that they can set their reserve appropriately.  

Most importantly, at Grady J. Flattmann, Attorneys at Law, we keep our clients updated every step of the way.

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