I Disagree With The Police Report Regarding My Motorcycle Accident. What Should I Do?

Being a police officer is a hard job and it doesn’t get easier when it comes to writing accident reports.  The police officer comes onto the scene of the accident after it has happened, after vehicles have been moved, and sometimes, even after one or more of the parties has been transported to the hospital.  A police officer is oftentimes tasked with writing a report without the benefit of having key facts.  

If a police report contains a minor error following a motorcycle accident, you should get in touch with the police department and ask if they can have the officer contact you to discuss the report.  If there is a minor error, the officer will most likely work with you to correct the problem.  

If you disagree with the officer’s assessment of fault following a motorcycle wreck, the officer will be less likely to amend their report, unless you present important evidence (such as video of the accident), which they didn’t have before.  

While a police report cannot be used as evidence in a civil trial, the insurance company will definitely rely on it to make their decisions.  

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