What’s Another Option To Calling The Police After A Minor Car Accident?

An accident happens to you on your way to work.  You are in a hurry and the damage doesn’t look that bad.  Should you call the police anyway?  The answer is... Probably!  But if you insist on not calling the police, here are a few tips. 

Why You Should Call The Police After Any Accident:

The police will document the accident (even a minor accident), and collect important information from both drivers.  The information collected by the police should include the other person’s name, insurance information, and vehicle information. 

If you have to make an insurance claim with the other driver’s insurance company, they will ask you if you have a police report.  If you don’t, this may slow down the claims process, since they will have to rely on other evidence in order to take responsibility for the wreck. 

At the scene of the accident, even if the other person seems nice and reliable, you never know if they are giving you the correct information or if they will admit fault to their insurance company later.  Having a police report is the best way to document information right after a wreck. 

What If I Don’t Want To Call The Police?:

I get it.  You are in a hurry and the other person doesn’t want you to call the police.  Maybe they are a young driver and you don’t want it on their record.  You choose not to call the police.  What should you do? 

  • Take as many pictures and videos of the scene and other driver as possible:  Document EVERYTHING!  Without a police report, this is the only opportunity you will have to preserve evidence of the position of the vehicles and the parties involved.  Think, “what if the other person denies being in an accident?”  If you take pictures and video, you will have proof that they were. 
  • Take a video of the other driver admitting fault:  If the other driver is apologizing to you for causing the wreck and begging you not to call the police, have them state that they are responsible for causing the wreck on video.  Have them state their name, the date, and what happened to cause the accident (ie. “I looked down...”).  If they are unwilling to do this, call the police. 
  • Take pictures of the other driver’s information:  Take photos of the other driver, their vehicle, license plate, registration, and insurance card.  You will NEED all of this information if you have to file an insurance claim. 
  • Get names of witnesses:  If there are witnesses to the accident, get their names and contact information.  You never know if you are going to need them to prove that the accident happened. 
  • Keep an eye on your injuries:  During an accident, adrenaline is released in the body, sometimes masking injuries.  It may take a few days for some injuries to reveal themselves. 

Keep an Eye on Your Injuries:

During an accident, adrenaline is released in the body, sometimes masking injuries.  It may take a few days for some injuries to reveal themselves.  If you feel that you are injured, get medical attention as soon as possible.  If you let it go too long, the insurance company will discredit that the accident caused your injury.

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