When The Lights Go Out On Boston Street…

In Covington, everyone knows that the most direct way through town is Boston Street.  At Acquistapace’s, Boston Street curves and eventually becomes West 21st Avenue, where our office is located.  When we have power issues in Covington, it seems to immediately affect the traffic signals on Boston Street, causing heavy traffic and long delays.  One of the biggest reasons for the traffic congestion is motorists doing their own thing at intersections, rather than following traffic rules.  

Flashing Yellow:  Proceed With Caution. Don’t Stop:

When the power goes out, the traffic light control system senses a malfunction and typically reverts to flashing signals.  This is the case on Boston Street, where during a power outage, the lights change to flashing yellow going up and down the street.  On the cross streets, however, the lights change to flashing red. 

Flashing yellow means that drivers should proceed through the intersection with caution (La. R.S. 32:234).  By contrast, flashing red requires drivers to stop before entering the intersection.  Finally, if a traffic signal is out completely (no flashing lights at all), the intersection must be treated as a 4-way stop. 

Here’s Where Things Go Wrong:

When the lights on Boston Street go out, traffic usually builds up because of drivers doing different things at the flashing yellow lights.  Some obey traffic rules and proceed with caution, as they should.  Others choose to stop at the flashing yellow lights, either because they don’t understand the rules or are trying to be nice and let in traffic from the side street.  This creates confusion (and a dangerous situation) for motorists and impedes traffic flow.   

Why Is It Dangerous To Let Someone In?

We certainly don’t discourage kindness.  But driving in heavy traffic is neither the time nor place to stop short in order to “wave” someone through from a side street.  Most drivers get into trouble because they expect those around them to follow traffic laws, like proceeding with caution (not stopping) at flashing yellow lights.  When a driver does something different, like stopping at a flashing yellow light, this may lead to accidents.

Have You Been Injured In An Accident During Heavy Traffic?

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