Why Are There So Many Adjusters For My Car Accident Claim?

When we take over a car accident case for a client, it is common for them to give us a list of different insurance adjusters with whom they have been in contact during the course of their car wreck claim.  Adjusters seem to be switched and reassigned quite frequently and this can be frustrating. 

Filing A Claim And Having An Adjuster Assigned:

After a car accident, a car wreck insurance claim will be set up through the insurance company (either through the at-fault insurance company, your auto insurance, or both).  You are responsible for filing the claim and providing the insurance company with “adequate proof of loss.” 

Once the claim is filed, it will be assigned to an adjuster or a “team,” depending on the insurance company.  Sometimes, an insurance company will assign a “property damage adjuster” for the damages to your vehicle and a “personal injury adjuster” for your injury claims. 

What’s The Difference Between The Property Damage Adjuster And Injury Adjuster?

Your property damage claim is distinct from your personal injury claim and so are the adjusters.  The property damage adjuster’s job is to estimate the damage to your vehicle and coordinate repairs and your rental vehicle.  In the event your car is totaled, they are responsible for evaluating the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle and settling with you. 

The personal injury adjuster, on the other hand, is responsible for keeping track of your injuries and medical treatment.  They will also be in charge of trying to settle your personal injury claims.  

It is important to contact the right adjuster for each part of your car accident claim.  For instance, the personal injury adjuster is not the right person to call when you are trying to schedule a rental vehicle or haggle over your vehicle’s total loss. 

Why Did They Change Adjusters?

It is not uncommon for the insurance adjuster to change several times throughout the course of your car wreck claim.  Insurance companies do this for a variety of reasons.  One such reason is that insurance adjusters typically have a set amount of “authority” over claims.  If your injury claim appears to exceed the adjuster’s authority, it may be reassigned to an adjuster with more authority.  If you hire a personal injury attorney to handle your car wreck, the insurance company may reassign adjusters as well. 

If you are ever unsure as to who is handling your claim, call the insurance company’s main line and ask for the contact information for the adjuster assigned to your claim. 

Have You Been Injured In An Accident And Tired Of The Insurance Switching Adjusters On You?

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