Why Did I Receive A Clerk Refund Check After My Case Was Over?

Sometimes, our clients receive nice little surprises long after their car wreck lawsuit has been resolved.  One of my favorite things to do is calling a client and letting them know that even more money is on its way to them. 

During the course of a lawsuit, the Clerk of Court typically collects money each time a pleading is filed and creates a balance for each party.  In a given lawsuit, there may be dozens of pleadings filed along the way. 

Sometimes, more money is collected than the actual cost.  For instance, if the Clerk estimates that they will need $100 for filing a Motion to Compel and the cost is actually $95, then a $5 balance will remain.  This can build up. 

At the end of a case, a Motion to Dismiss is typically filed, prompting the Clerk to make a final audit of any account balances.  If that results in a credit, the Clerk issues a check to the party’s attorney for a refund! 

When we receive a refund check from the Clerk, we immediately call our client to tell them.  It’s their money, not ours!  It is kind of like finding money in your pocket.

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