Why Is I-12 Near Covington So Dangerous?

As residents of St. Tammany know all too well, the 3.5 mile stretch of Interstate 12 between U.S. Highway 190 and Louisiana Highway 21 can be a nightmare.  It sometimes seems like your chances of making it to that soccer game at Coquille on time is 50/50 depending on whether there is a wreck on I-12.  Personally, I try to avoid that corridor as much as possible. 

Why Is I-12 Near Covington So Bad?

St. Tammany is listed by the Louisiana OMV as having the third-most registered vehicles of any parish in the State.  According to the Louisiana DOTD, more than 120,000 drivers use this section of I-12 daily!  Combine those statistics with the fact that I-12 is for many, the main route of travel from home to work, school, recreation, shopping, etc., and the result is traffic… and lots of it!

How To Avoid Accidents On I-12:

The best ways to avoid accidents on I-12 near Covington is to have patience, avoid distractions, and practice defensive driving.

  • Have patience:  I know that it can be hard to have patience when your kid’s karate class on Pinnacle Parkway starts in 10 minutes and Waze tells you that you are still 25 minutes away.  But remember the saying “better late then never?”  Try to keep your cool, focus on driving, and trust me, the karate instructor will understand.
  • Avoid distractions: We lead very busy lives, and it is tempting to use those 10 minutes on the Interstate to catch up on emails and reply to those texts.  Resist the temptation!  Just think about this:  This may be the most dangerous 10 minutes of your day!  Refocus on the road and remember that those emails and texts can wait just a little while longer.
  • Practice defensive driving: Always practice defensive driving, especially on the Interstate.  Lots of activity is happening every second.  On the I-12 corridor near Covington, with each intersection comes numerous vehicles entering, merging, and switching lanes.  Anticipate that, like you, many of those drivers are in a hurry and will cut you off.  Be prepared for the inevitable start and stop of the interstate, where you can be traveling at 65 mph, then come to a screeching halt. 

Have You Been Injured In An Accident On I-12 Near Covington?

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