Why Is The Stretch Of Road By Claiborne Hill In Covington So Dangerous?

We have represented numerous people involved in accidents near Claiborne Hill in Covington.  That’s the stretch of road where U.S. Highway 190 and U.S. 190 Business meet, and the danger area extends from E. Boston Street in downtown Covington to the intersection of Hwy 21 (Military Rd.) and Hwy 36.  (Side note:  did you know that Claiborne Hill was named after the historic Town of Claiborne, which no longer exists, but was located on the east side of the Bogue Falaya river, across from Covington?).

Crashes near Claiborne Hill are so common that after a recent wreck, a fireman from the fire station up the street from Claiborne Hill told me that they don’t have to wait for a call before responding to wrecks on Claiborne Hill.  Instead, they just listen for the crashes.   


What Makes Claiborne Hill Dangerous?

A substantial amount of traffic uses the Claiborne Hill area to get in and out of Covington every day.  In the mornings, traffic can build up on Highway 21 (Military Rd) past the Green Springs Hotel. 

There are 2 dangerous parts to note along the route.  The first dangerous area is when you are driving East from Boston Street toward Claiborne Hill, just before the Highway 190 overpass.  There, drivers coming from the opposite direction have the option of taking a left turn in front of you to get onto Hwy 190.  While they are supposed to yield to oncoming traffic, they often don’t, leading to T-bones or even head-on collisions.

The second dangerous area is a bit further up the road at the intersection where Boston Street/U.S. Highway 190 and Business 190 meet (near Advanced Auto Parts).  The most common accident at that intersection happens when Westbound vehicles try to make a left turn onto Business 190 (toward McDonalds/Rouses) but fail to yield to oncoming traffic (coming from town).  Most often, drivers ignore the “left turn yield on green” directions and misjudge how fast oncoming traffic is coming, leading to serious accidents. 

Tips For Avoiding Claiborne Hill Collisions:

So, what can you do to help avoid being in an accident at Claiborne Hill?

  1. Be super cautious at the two intersections discussed above, paying attention to oncoming vehicles and especially turning vehicles.
  2. Practice defensive driving by anticipating that other drivers will turn in front of you or misjudge your speed. 
  3. Slow down and make sure you are not distracted.

Have You Been Injured In An Accident By Claiborne Hill In Covington?

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