Why Shouldn't You Change Lanes While Going Through An Intersection?

At Flattmann Law, we have handled numerous car wreck claims arising from intersection crashes. We’ve seen it all, ranging from T-bone collisions to rear-end accidents, to pedestrians being hit in crosswalks. Here is one big tip that can help decrease your chances of getting in an accident.

Why more crashes occur at intersections:

More traffic activity involving vehicles exiting and entering a roadway combined with traffic moving in multiple directions equals the higher potential for accidents. Add to this mix the inattentiveness and distraction of drivers these days and you have a recipe for disaster.

Remember that driver you had to honk at yesterday because they were on their phone instead of paying attention to the light when it turned green?  Imagine that same driver waiting at the intersection you are about to cross. Does that change the way you look at it? Would you do anything different at the intersection to help avoid an accident?

How to avoid intersection crashes:

Here are a few tips you can keep in mind to help avoid intersection accidents:

  1. Don’t change lanes in the intersection: Everyone is in a hurry and the guy waiting at the light you are approaching is no different. He is eagerly waiting for his next opportunity to turn onto your roadway. If you are in the left lane, he may think that the right lane is clear and make a right on red. If you change lanes right before the intersection or in the intersection, you risk hitting him. (Also, you can be ticketed for changing lanes in an intersection because the lane is not marked for passing and doing so can be deemed “unsafe.”)   
  2. Pay attention to waiting vehicles that may enter the roadway: As you approach an intersection, make a quick note of any vehicles waiting to cross or enter your roadway. Does anyone seem to be inching up? Is anyone on their phone instead of paying attention? Paying attention to other motorists in an intersection can help you anticipate their movement and avoid accidents.
  3. Don’t try to outrun the traffic light: Running red lights is one of the leading causes of intersection crashes. You may be in a hurry, but avoiding the red light is not worth chancing a dangerous accident. Remember, yellow lights are only a few seconds long and indicate that you should be coming to a stop (not speeding up)!

Have You Been Injured In An Intersection Crash And Want To Discuss Your Case?

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