How We Move Cases Forward As Quickly And Efficiently As Possible

Grady Flattmann
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I learned a long time ago that insurance companies like to hold on to their money as long as possible.  In return, the process of pursuing a car wreck insurance claim has the potential of taking a long time.  Having to file a lawsuit and go through the litigation process can take even longer. 

At Flattmann Law, We Do Our Best To Expedite The Claims Process As Much As Possible.

At Flattmann Law, we expedite claims in a variety of ways.  First, we make sure to stay in close contact with our clients so that we know exactly where they are in the healing process.  Second, as soon as we are hired, we start the process of requesting important information that we know may take time to process, such as medical records and health care lien requests (including Medicaid and Medicare). 

Another important step we take to expedite our client’s claim is to consistently update the insurance adjuster for the at-fault party as to our client’s injuries and treatment.  We do this to make sure the insurance company is aware of the seriousness of our client’s injuries and to encourage the adjuster to properly set adequate “reserves” (estimates as to the claim value).  This helps expedite the claims resolution process once that time comes. 

Sometimes, it is necessary to file a lawsuit on behalf of a client in order to protect and pursue their claims.  The litigation process is sometimes slow and unfortunately, filled with legal delays.  The process for requesting a civil trial is also slow, especially in Louisiana State court, where trials for criminal proceedings take priority.  (For instance, it is not uncommon for a given State Court Judge to have only 3-4 jury trial settings per year). 

However, even during the course of a lawsuit, we do everything in our power to push our client’s case forward.  We do this by engaging in discovery early (including written questions, requests for production, and depositions), by hiring experts as soon as possible, and by requesting that the Court set pre-trial deadlines for the parties to follow. 

Do You Want A Lawfirm Who Will Not Delay Your Case?

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