Be Careful When Choosing A Car Accident Attorney Based On Awards They Advertise!

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Ever see a lawyer bragging that they were awarded for being the “best attorney” in the area, one of the “top 100 attorneys” in their field, or “a rising star?”  When you see those kinds of awards next to a car wreck attorney’s name, do your research and see if those awards are really based on merit. 

We are contacted several times each day by salespeople from advertising companies trying to put us on some sort of top list of car wreck attorneys.  For a fee of course! 

Misleading lawyer awards are so prominent that the Federal Trade Commission issued an article in late 2021 entitled: “Look beyond the award when you hire a lawyer.”  The article warns against hiring an attorney based on “fancy-looking seals and badges on their websites” and encourages injury victims to hire attorney based on recommendations and actual accomplishments. 

Did You Know?

In Louisiana, attorneys are not ethically allowed to say that they are “THE BEST,” even in a particular field.  In the field of personal injury law, even if an attorney (like us) has handled a thousand personal injury cases in their career, they still are restricted by the bar association from saying that they “specialize in personal injury law.”  So, what’s the best way to find a great personal injury attorney who handles car wreck cases?  Check out their reviews!

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