Offering Local Counsel, Litigation Assistance, and Consultation Services to Our Colleagues in Law

A lifelong resident of the Northshore, no one knows the area and its residents better than Grady Flattmann. If you are looking for local counsel for a personal injury claim in the New Orleans area, call our office to see how we can help. We tailor our services to your needs and goals and offer co-counsel services, litigation assistance, and independent consulting. When you need the edge a local attorney can give your case, contact Flattmann Law.

Local Counsel

Grady Flattmann has served as local counsel to out-of-state law firms throughout the United States whose clients are involved in litigation in state and federal courts in Louisiana. As local counsel, Mr. Flattmann has served in a variety of roles, including as traditional local counsel, co-counsel, and lead-counsel.

Collaboration is key to a successful local counsel relationship. As local counsel, Mr. Flattmann takes pride in keeping his co-counsel and his clients up to date on all aspects of their case. Mr. Flattmann has the experience and resources necessary to sustain complicated, contested, and costly litigation.

Litigation Assistance

Grady Flattmann has provided litigation assistance to local and out-of-state law firms involved in complex litigation in state and federal courts in Louisiana. Our services range from assisting with written discovery, deposition support, pretrial motions, trial preparation, jury selection, witness preparation, preparation of exhibits and demonstratives, and all aspects of litigation.

Litigation, especially in a big case, can seem overwhelming. We are here to help relieve some of that burden.

Independent Consulting and Settlement Assistance

Grady Flattmann has served as an independent consultant to local and out-of-state law firms seeking to critique and strengthen their cases. Our services include comprehensive case reviews, quantum calculations, mediation preparation, and settlement processing.

Mr. Flattmann is a skilled negotiator and is well respected by mediators throughout Louisiana.