How Does Flattmann Law Go The Extra Mile For Their Clients?

Grady Flattmann
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Local Covington, Louisiana attorney focusing 100% on personal injury matters.

At Flattmann Law, our practice is focused 100% on personal injury, including car wrecks, big truck accidents, and maritime/Jones Act cases.

Like some attorneys, we do not charge an hourly rate or retainer fee.  Even our initial consultations are free!

So, how do we get paid?  We operate on a “contingency” (or percentage) basis.  This means that at the end of a case, our client pays us a percentage of whatever amount we collect on their behalf.  This means two things:  (1) our clients never come “out of pocket” for fees; and (2) we only get paid IF we are successful in getting money for our clients. 

What about costs and expenses incurred during a case?  There are often expenses associated with the handling and successful resolution of personal injury cases.  Typical expenses include the cost of a police report, getting copies of certified medical records, or even mailing letters to the insurance company.  In big cases, expenses may include more costly things, like hiring medical experts to give opinions, paying court costs, or paying court reporters for depositions. 

At Flattmann Law, we front case costs and expenses, meaning that we pay them ourselves during the course of a case.  Those costs and expenses are reimbursed by our client at the end of their case ONLY IF we are successful in getting them compensation.  If we are unsuccessful in getting our client compensated (which has never happened in the history of our firm), we eat our costs and our client owes us nothing. 

But Wait, There's More...

Did you know that we assist our clients in handling the property-damage portion of their car wreck claim for FREE?  That’s right!  We assist our clients with the property-damage claim, including working with the insurance company to get their vehicle evaluated, adjusted, and paid for.  We even assist with the rental car process.  Whatever our clients get for the property damage portion of their claim is theirs and we assist as part of our overall representation. 

Have You Been Injured In A Covington Area Accident?

Interested in speaking with a car wreck attorney who is honest and upfront about their fee contact us online or call our Covington office directly at 985.590.6182 to schedule your free consultation today. Flattmann Law serves clients on the Northshore, including Covington, Mandeville, Abita Springs, Bogalusa, Franklinton, Folsom, Hammond, Lacombe, Pearl River, and Slidell.