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Everyone has heard of the five-second rule, but have you ever heard of Flattmann Law’s one-second rule?  Probably not, because we just made it up!  BUT, following this simple rule can save your life!

Flattmann Law’s One-Second Rule:

Flattmann Law’s One-Second Rule is simple!  When you are stopped at a stop light and the light turns green, take just one second before going.  During that second, look in every direction for any vehicles that may be about to run their light.  That’s all. 

Sounds simple, right?  You would think so but would be surprised at the number of drivers who are flying around on autopilot, totally unaware of their surroundings while driving.  These drivers EXPECT other drivers to obey traffic signals.  Unfortunately, that is not reality and the only one looking out for your safety is…YOU. 

Where Else Can The One-Second Rule Be Applied?:

The One-Second Rule should be applied anytime you are entering an intersection from a stop, such as at stop-signs and in your driveway, before turning onto the main road. 

I’m Already In The Habit Of Looking Both Ways.  Should I Still Take Follow This Rule?:

Yes!  Even if you are in the good habit of looking both ways before going, following Flattmann Law’s One-Second Rule is important.  Habits refer to things we do without asserting much conscious thought.  Therefore, even though we may turn our heads to the left and right, our brains may not really be focusing on oncoming traffic or thinking about the possibility of someone running a red light.  By remembering that we should follow “Flattmann’s Rule,” we transform a habit into a conscious exercise.  Then, our brains not only focus on potential dangers, but also begin to predict the behaviors of other drivers. 

For example, with only the habit of looking both ways, our brains might spot the truck coming down the road but may not process the truck’s speed in relation to us.  Applying Flattmann Law’s One-Second Rule puts the brain to work, making it predict whether the truck is going at such a speed where it will slow down or run the light.  This could mean the difference between being T-boned and avoiding a serious accident. 

Remember, practicing defensive driving is the best way to avoid accidents! 

Were You Practicing Defensive Driving, But Were Still In An Accident?

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