Make Sure Your Attorney Is Not A Jack Of All Trades

Grady Flattmann
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Ever heard the phrase, “a Jack of all trades is a master of none?”  This is true in the legal world as well.  Some attorneys hang out their shingle, stating that they practice every type of law imaginable, from criminal law to family law, to personal injury.  Just think.  Would you go to an orthopedist for a heart condition?  Then why would you go to an attorney who practices mostly family law with a major personal injury case? 

Specialties in Louisiana:

Louisiana does not offer a “specialty” in personal injury law.  Therefore, it is against our ethics code for a personal injury attorney to advertise that they are an “expert” in personal injury or car wreck cases.  Instead, the only “specialties” offered in Louisiana (where qualified attorneys may state that they are “experts”) are appellate practice, bankruptcy, employment law, estate planning, family law, health law, and tax law. 

The only way to measure an attorney’s qualifications in the field of personal injury law is to research them.  Look at their website and check out their reviews.  Gain an understanding as to what kind of cases they handle and for how long they have been practicing that type of law.  

Don’t hire your neighbor’s brother’s friend’s lawyer, unless they are qualified:

Referrals are great… if they are to the right attorney for you.  Just because someone graduated from law school does not make them qualified to handle your personal injury case.  Some great family law attorneys know very little about the intricacies and strategies required to prevail in a major personal injury case. 

Ask questions:

Before you hire a Rochester Hills trust lawyer and personal injury attorney, ask them questions about your case and how it will be handled.  Ask about how they will contact insurance companies, if they will get your medical records or talk with your doctors.  Ask about how your medical bills are paid, how they will be kept compliant with health care plans, including Medicaid and Medicare, and how liens are handled.  Ask how long cases usually take and what that depends on.  Make sure you understand their fees, costs, and if you will ever be billed by them. 

Ask about the law firm’s communication policy:

Will you ever see or speak to the lawyer you hired after your initial consultation?  At Flattmann Law, we focus on communication.  Our clients do not usually call us for updates, as we beat them to the punch, providing frequent updates to them about their case.  We feel that by doing so, our clients can have the peace of mind to know that their case is being handled as efficiently and professionally as possible. 

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