Did You Know That You Have Two Separate Claims For Your Wreck?

After you report a wreck to the insurance company, they will assign a single claim number that you will use to reference for the entire time your claim is open. But did you know that you actually have 2 separate claims and that the insurance company has different rules for handling them?

In a minor to moderate car accident case, most people’s immediate concern is the damage to their vehicle and how they will manage to get around without a car. These items (damage to your vehicle and alternate transportation/rental) are considered part of your Property Damage claim.

A property damage claim is separate from your personal injury claim. If you were injured or even if you just got checked out at the emergency room or urgent care, you have a personal injury claim. These claims include medical bills, lost wages, and “general damages,” which include things like pain and suffering and inconvenience.

What To Find Out More About The Claims You Have Following A Wreck?

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