Top 3 Reasons Lawsuits Are Filed On Car Wreck Claims

A majority of time, ins claims can be resolved w/o having to file a lawsuit.

But sometimes lawsuits must be filed

Here are the 3 top reasons lawsuits are filed on car wreck claims:

1. In LA, a lawsuit must be filed within a year from doa.

  • If it’s not, the claim vanishes.
  • So, if a client comes to us at the last minute, we must file a lawsuit to preserve their claim.

2. Second, if our client sustained severe injuries as a result of a crash and is still getting medical treatment when the year comes, we have to file suit to preserve their claims.

3. Third, if the insurance company is denying fault or being unreasonable, filing a lawsuit is the only option.

  • It also allows us to build our case further and prove our client’s case.

It’s important to remember that insurance claims can be settled, even after lawsuit filed. Also, we never file lawsuits without making sure our client’s questions answered and they are 100% onboard.

Have You Been Injured In A Covington Area Car Wreck And Wondering If You Have To File A Lawsuit?

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