Who Can File A Wrongful Death Case?

At Flattmann Law, we have helped many families who have tragically lost loves ones in accidents.

In LA, the terms wrongful death and survival claims are often used interchangeably.

But it is important to understand the difference.

  • Wrongful Death claims seek damages suffered by the decedent’s family members.  These include the loss of love & affection, funeral expenses, and financial support.
  • Survival claims are claims the decedent would have been able to bring if they had survived.  Include pain and suffering and medical bills.

Not just anyone can bring Wrongful Death and Survival claims in LA.

Instead, the law is very specific:

  1. Priority is given to the surviving spouse and child/children; if none:
  2. Surviving father and mother;
  3. Surviving brothers and sisters, or any of them; & list goes from there

In my career, I’ve seen families trying to cope with the tragic death of a loved one and know how difficult it is just to make it from 1 day to another.

But it’s important, even at those times, to have someone on your side to protect your rights.

Are You Looking For An Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney To Protect Your Rights After The Death Of A Loved One?

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