Why Do Attorneys Advertise About Wrecks With Company Vehicles?

We’ve all seen the TV ads and billboards: Big-name lawyers advertise all the time for people who have been involved in wrecks with “company vehicles,” or “big trucks.” But why be so specific? In a nutshell, personal injury attorneys who advertise for “company vehicle” cases are hedging their bets that wrecks involving company vehicles will mean more available insurance coverage and bigger injuries.

The Bigger the Vehicle, the Bigger the Injury?:

Big TV lawyers also know that wrecks with bigger vehicles often (but not always) result in more serious injuries due to a few factors.

First, and most obvious, most commercial vehicles are usually bigger than regular vehicles, especially delivery vehicles and tractor-trailers. For example, a UPS delivery truck weighs about 16,000-24,000 lbs., depending upon cargo. In contrast, the average midsize car weighs only 3,300 lbs. That’s a huge difference when talking about impact potential during a crash.

Second, bigger commercial vehicles are commonly used more on highways and interstates instead of on city streets and neighborhoods. Combine higher rates of speed with heavier vehicles and the result is the potential for more devastating wrecks.

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