Why Is The Stretch Of Road By Claiborne Hill In Covington, Louisiana So Dangerous?

We've represented many people who have been in wrecks around Claiborne Hill in Covington. That's the stretch of road where US 190 and Business 190 meet. The most dangerous part is from Boston Street, the End of Boston Street toward where Highway 21 or Military Road and Highway 36 meet up. There's so much traffic there and so many accidents, that a fireman who works at the fire station up the street recently told me that they don't have to wait on the call that an accident happened, they just listen for the crash. There are two very dangerous parts of this stretch to point out. The first is when you're coming from town or out of Covington on Boston Street right before the overpass that goes to Highway 190. That stretch is really dangerous because people who are coming in the opposite direction and who want to take a left turn in front of you to get onto Highway 190, sometimes don't yield to oncoming traffic like they're supposed to leading to T-bones and even head-on collisions. The second dangerous part is a little bit further up the street. It's where Boston Street or Highway 190 meet up with Business 190, that's by Advanced Auto Parts. The danger there is again when oncoming traffic coming toward town make a left turn heading toward the Rouses or McDonald's and don't yield to oncoming traffic again leading to T-bones and even head-on collisions. Here are a few tips to help avoid collisions near Claiborne Hill. First, be super cautious at those two intersections. We just talked about second, practice defensive driving especially at those intersections. Anticipate that other vehicles are going to go right in front of you and try to slow down a little bit there. So, if you've been injured in a car wreck near Claiborne Hill call us today for a free and confidential consultation at 985-590-6182.

Have You Been Injured In An Accident By Claiborne Hill In Covington, Louisiana?

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