What to expect at a site inspection for a Wrongful Death Case

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As a Wrongful Death Attorney, I've visited many sites where someone has died because of someone else's negligence.  It is hard, and of course, even more difficult for the family.  However, this is a necessary step in the prosecution of a Wrongful Death case. 

1. I'll Meet With You Before Going To The Scene

Before the inspection, I'll meet with you to discuss what we are going to do.  If applicable, we will also discuss any important facts that will help us prepare for the inspection.  Depending on whether a family member has information helpful to the case, a Wrongful Death Attorney may ask the family member to come with them to the inspection. 

2. A Wrongful Death Attorney Will Probably Bring Experts

Typically, I bring experts with me.  While I know what I'm looking for, the experts are the ones who know exactly what evidence we need to gather.  This helps preserve the facts of the case and assist the experts in drafting expert reports, which help us prove our case.  Once the experts are finished with their reports (this could take some time), I'll share the reports with you.  Expert reports recreate what happened to cause the accident and typically give the expert's opinion as to who was at fault.

3. Collecting Evidence

The site inspection may last 30 minutes or several hours, depending on what happened.  Every case is different and very important.  We will take many pictures and videos of the accident scene so that we will be able to study them later and use them in court.  Depending on the Wrongful Death case, we may also take measurements and preserve other data.

4. I Understand This Is Hard

Visiting the site where a loved one has died is extremely difficult for the victim's family.  The family is always invited to attend the site inspection, but this is not a requirement.  However, in some cases, a family member may be an eye-witness to the event or may have information that would be useful during the inspection.  In cases where a family member accompanies me to the site inspection, I do my very best to make the experience as quick and stress-free as possible for them.  

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