$600,000 received after cervical fusion surgery

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One morning in 2015, Lizzy was driving on Airline Highway in Kenner, LA, heading to a friend's house.  Lizzy was an  active lady in her 60s, loved dancing, exercise, and was even a personal trainer. 

At that same time, a delivery truck driver was heading in the opposite direction on Airline Highway.  The driver was in a hurry and decided to make a quick left turn.  As he turned, he T-boned Lizzy's vehicle, sending her into the other lane.  He later told officers that he didn't see Lizzy's car.

Lizzy's front and left side airbags deployed and she felt immediate pain in her left arm, shoulder, and neck, and numbness in her left hand. 

For a year, Lizzy's doctors tried every conservative method of treatment possible to help her radiating neck pain.  This included intense physical therapy, epidural steroid injections, and rhizotomy procedures. After exhausting all other treatment, Lizzy's neurosurgeon performed cervical fusion surgery on her.  She finally had some relief.

Lizzy and her husband called us after the wreck.  We immediately sent preservation letters to the other driver's employer, making sure that critical evidence was not lost or destroyed.  We treated Lizzy like family, and directed her to the best doctors in the area, followed her treatment, and coordinated with her health insurance company. 

While Lizzy focused on her recovery, we filed a lawsuit for her.  For the next year we gathered evidence, locked down liability on the other driver's part, and made sure Lizzy's case was as strong as it could be. 

After making sure Lizzy was done treating, we negotiated a settlement with the at-fault insurance company for $600,000. 

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$600,000 received after cervical fusion surgery