Injured Motorcyclist receives over $98,000

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Warren drove his motorcycle to work every day.  Early one morning, Warren was on his way to work on Interstate 10 in New Orleans.  It was a nice day and he was enjoying his ride.  Out of the blue, a car came up behind him and struck the back of his bike.  The impact knocked Warren off of his bike and onto the hood of the car.  He then fell to the pavement and rolled another 200 feet to a stop.  

Warren called us.

Although Warren was wearing protective clothing, his arms, hands, and legs were badly scraped.  He also suffered injuries to his neck and back.  For the next fourteen months, Warren was treated by his doctors, who discovered a cervical disc herniation.   

We filed a lawsuit for Warren while he focused on getting better.  We took depositions, conducted extensive discovery, and gathered all of Warren's medical information.    Prior to trial, the defendants agreed to settle Warren's case for over $98,000. 

Our work for Warren was still not done.  Since Warren was a Veteran, he had health insurance through the Veteran's Administration (VA) and Tri-Care.  After settling his case, we worked with the VA and Tri-Care to make sure they were fairly reimbursed for money they paid for his accident-related treatment.  This made sure Warren stayed compliant with his health insurance. 

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Injured Motorcyclist receives over $98,000