Over $105,000 Obtained for Rear-End Collision on I-12 in Slidell

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Roy, a retired postal worker, was stopped in traffic on the I-12 ramp, heading to I-10 in Slidell.  The driver behind him was driving a large Ford F-350 truck, pulling a utility trailer, and driving approximately 40 mph.  When the driver noticed Roy's car stopped in traffic in front of him, it was too late.  Roy caught a glimpse of the truck right before it plowed into the back of his car.  He tried to brace himself for impact, holding onto the wheel with everything he had. 

Roy's right wrist was broken immediately upon impact.  He also suffered pain in his neck, low back, and ribs.  He had surgery to repair his wrist, followed by weeks of intense therapy.  An MRI also revealed that Roy suffered lumbar disc injuries, requiring epidural injections.  Roy's medical expenses were more than $27,000.  He also lost more than $5,500 in wages while he was treating for his injuries.

Roy called us immediately and during the next 11 months, we worked hard for him, gathering evidence, monitoring his medical conditions, and communicating with his doctors.  We were able to collect over $105,000 from the other driver's insurance company for Roy without having to file a lawsuit. 

That's not where our representation ended!  Because Roy's private health insurance paid for some off his medical bills, we kept him compliant with his policy, communicated with his health insurer, and were able to negotiate a reasonable repayment to them of the money they paid for his treatment.  Every dollar we saved through our negotiation with the health insurance company went directly to Roy. 

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Over $105,000 Collected