What Type Of Damages Can I Claim Following A Maritime Accident At My Job?

When a person who works on the water is injured, it is critical to know whether that person would be considered a Jones Act Seaman, Longshoreman, or otherwise.  Factors we consider in making this evaluation include the person’s job duties, how long they have been employed, whether they were permanently assigned to a vessel, and whether the accident took place when they were working in service to the vessel. 

If a person is considered a Seaman for purposes of the Jones Act, their employee must continue to pay room and board payments (maintenance) and their medical bills (cure).  

Additionally, a Jones Act Seaman is entitled to pursue claims for their pain and suffering and past and future lost wages.  If third parties are involved, the injured person could have additional claims as well.  

Maritime accident claims can be extremely complicated and are very fact dependent.  Having an experienced Maritime lawyer on your side could mean the difference between being fairly compensated and missing out on claims to which you may be entitled.   

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