How Are Truck Accident Investigations Conducted?

The process of investigating truck accidents varies from case to case and is sometimes similar to investigations of car accident claims.  However, there are several things we may do during an investigation, unique to truck accidents.  

First, a lot of big trucks, like 18-wheelers, contain electronic logging devices, similar to the “black box” we often hear about.  These devices can track the truck’s speed, locations, and critical events, like braking.  We sometimes have accident reconstruction experts assist us in inspecting the truck and downloading data from its electronic logging devices.

Second, in the event of big trucks hauling loads or making deliveries, it may be important to obtain evidence as to the driver’s activity on the day of the accident or the days leading up to the accident.  Evidence such as driving logs and whether the driver took required breaks can be important in a truck case to show driver fatigue.   

Another topic of investigation in big truck accident cases is the driver’s personnel records.  Does he have a history of accidents?  Did his company conduct a background investigation before putting him on the road?  In some cases, showing that the trucking company knew or should have known that their driver was unsafe, is important for holding the company liable.

While each big truck accident is different, it is important to collect evidence immediately after an accident.  As soon as we are hired on a big truck case, we skillfully tailor our investigation around the unique aspects of the case.   

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