What Defense Will The Trucking Company Use In My Truck Accident Case?

If you have been involved in a wreck with a big truck, chances are that the truck company or their insurance company will look to blame you for the accident.  
Common defenses to a big truck accident include the following:
Blaming the other driver for coming to a sudden stop in front of the truck.
Blaming the other driver for being in the truck’s “blind spot.”
Blaming the other driver for “scooting” in front of the truck at the last second.
Oftentimes, these defenses can be refuted with evidence from the accident scene, including photos of tire tracks, analyzing vehicle damage, and even accident reconstruction.  Sometimes, we will collect the truck’s “black box” data, which includes information on the truck’s speed and braking just before impact. 
Big truck accidents can get complicated quickly.  

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