Why Is It Good News That More Than 50% Of All Car Accidents Occur Within 5 Miles From The Driver’s Home?

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, more than half of all accidents occur within 5 miles from the driver’s home. 

So, why on Earth would this be good news?  Because, since you know where you are most likely to be involved in a car accident, you can take action NOW to prevent it. 

How?  Train Your Mind To Be More Defensive While Driving

If you are like me, you likely take the same route every day to work, school, church, the grocery, etc.  By now, you can probably drive to Target or Walmart without putting much thought into it.  But imagine if you picked a week and made the conscious decision to really analyze your daily drives.  Look around at every intersection, study the traffic lights, and here is the important part… imagine how accidents could happen around you.  Do this every step of the way from the moment you pull out of your driveway to the time you park at Home Depot. 

After your week of “conscious driving,” your brain will likely see things a bit differently while driving.  You may anticipate the actions of other drivers more, stop just a split second longer at that busy intersection down the street, or drive a bit slower around that curve.  And guess what?  All of these minor actions add up and will make you a safer and more aware driver, even if you go back on auto pilot for those trips to the pharmacy. 

Becoming a more defensive driver is a conscious decision you can make today and may just keep you from becoming another statistic.      

Have You Been In An Accident Close To Home? 

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