Why It Is Important To Immediately Report Your Slip And Fall Accident

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It is not uncommon for victims of a slip and fall accident to not have a written report documenting the accident. Covington Slip And Fall Injury Lawyer Flattmann Law

Reasons A Slip And Fall Victim Doesn't Get A Report

As a Slip And Fall Lawyer, I've heard several reasons for a report not being created after a slip and fall accident.  The most common is that the person was so embarrassed after falling that they simply wanted to get out of the store as fast as possible.  Other times, the person asks store employees to file a report but are told that there is nobody available to do so, or that they don't know where the reports are kept.  Finally, sometimes store employees simply refuse to write a report.

The Importance Of A Report After A Slip And Fall

Just like a police report after a car wreck, an accident report after a slip and fall accident can help document what happened, when it happened, and name the employees who were present.  (Stores are allowed to use their own reports, so the information on the report may vary).  Remember, you will Never have the same opportunity to document exactly what happened as you do immediately after a slip and fall.  Once the store reports the incident to their insurance company, stories change, video surveillance is sometimes "lost," and you are on your own to prove what happened. 

How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help Document A Slip And Fall Accident

If a client hires me following a slip and fall accident, the first thing I typically do is send a "preservation letter" to the store, the store manager, and/or the store owner.  A preservation letter helps put the store on notice about an incident, and requests that the store take measures to preserve important evidence, like video surveillance, accident reports, and witness information.  If the store fails to preserve evidence and the failure was unreasonable, this could put them in a very unfavorable light with a Judge or Jury later on.

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