"Grady was Wonderful, Listened to Everything I had to Say and Worked on What was Fair for a Settlement for Me"

"I had an 18 wheeler run a red light and hit me right in the driver's side of the car. Two days later I received a letter in the mail from the guy's insurance company wanting me to sign off on a settlement. I did not feel right about it and felt pressured. 

I contacted Grady and brought him the letter. He took care of everything. Found me a doctor that worked with both of us and anything I needed Grady took care of. He totally took on all of the worries of dealing with the insurance company, getting me a car, finding me a doctor, etc. I would never go through anything like this without Grady ever! He was wonderful, listened to everything I had to say and worked on what was fair for a settlement for me. I recommend him to everyone I know that needs a personal injury lawyer. He is the best! He is such a wonderful person, sweet, kind and caring."

Angela T