Insurance Company Pays Policy Limits for Bicycle Struck by Car in New Orleans

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Denise was riding her bike to work in New Orleans, using a bike lane near City Park when she was struck by a car trying to pass another car by illegally using the bike lane. She lost control of her bike and fell, hitting her head and shoulder hard on the pavement. She was brought to the emergency room, with bruises and cuts all over her body. Denise’s orthopedist later determined that she had fractured her shoulder.

Denise contacted the other person’s insurance company, who dragged their feet “investigating” the accident. After getting nowhere with the insurance company, Denise called me. I met with Denise at her home, gathered all of the information we needed, and got to work.

While Denise focused on her medical treatment and recovery, we gathered evidence, talked with witnesses, and solidified Denise’s case. Denise’s treatment cost over $20,000.

At first, the at-fault insurance company tried to minimize Denise’s claim.  However, after we presented all of the evidence we had gathered on Denise’s behalf, the insurance company agreed to pay its policy limits of $50,000.

We also determined that Denise had uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM) coverage through her own insurance company. This provided her with an additional $15,000 in coverage, on top of the $50,000 already collected. Once we obtained all of the information needed to pursue her UM claim, we presented it to the UM insurer and were able to collect the limits for Denise.

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$65,000 Insurance Payout