What Should You Expect From Your Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

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Being involved in a bicycle accident can be a traumatic experience.  At Grady J. Flattmann, Attorneys at Law, we try to make the legal process as pleasant as possible.  We know that we can’t take away the physical pain caused by the accident, but we strive to reduce our clients’ anxiety and worry regarding the legal aspects of their case.  Here’s what our clients can expect during the course of their bicycle accident claim.   

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Initial Meeting

When we initially meet with a client, we discuss the facts of the accident, including what happened, who was involved, where the bicycle accident occurred, and the evidence which may be available (accident reports, witness statements, etc.).  We also discuss the victim’s injuries and establish a plan for their continued medical care.  

During our meeting, we try to answer every single question our client may have regarding their bicycle accident claim.  Clients also know that they can contact us any time thereafter with additional questions throughout the course of their case.  

Evidence Gathering

We then gather all of the evidence available to us, including the accident report, witness statements, photographs, and videos.  Typically, we will examine the bicycle and our client’s helmet and ask to take pictures of the vehicle involved in the accident.  We often go to the scene of the bicycle accident to better understand how the accident occurred.  

Claim Filing

Once we have information regarding the at-fault driver and their insurance company, we will file a claim with the insurance company.  We also evaluate whether our client has their own insurance (for instance, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage), which may be available to them.  

Throughout the course of the bicycle accident claim, we make sure that the insurance company understands the severity of our client’s injuries and are kept informed regarding their medical treatment.  That way, the insurance company may adequately adjust its estimate as to the dollar value of the case.  

Medical Treatment

Being in a bicycle accident with a vehicle can result in serious injuries, including broken bones, head injuries, and even death.  We make sure to understand the extent of our clients’ injuries and follow their progress during the course of their treatment.  We also gather pertinent billing and medical records so that we understand what their doctors are saying about their injuries.  

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If our client has health insurance, we work with them to make sure medical bills are being handled appropriately.  

Resolution of Claims

When our client has fully recovered from their bicycle accident injuries, or when they are comfortable with regard to their future medical treatment, we perform a thorough review of their claims in order to make a demand on the at-fault insurance company.  A “demand package” consists of a letter detailing the facts of the case, the medical treatment our client has gone through, a detailed breakdown of their medical bills, an analysis of their other legal claims, and a demand that the insurance company pay a certain sum of money to satisfy our client’s harms and losses.  

The demand package also includes all of our client’s medical and billing records and any other evidence of their claims.  For instance, if a bicycle accident victim has claims for lost wages, the demand package would include proof of their lost earnings.  

Before a demand package is sent to the at-fault insurance company, we go over everything with our client to make sure we remain on the same page regarding their claim and the claims process.  

Deciding to File a Lawsuit

Sometimes, the at-fault insurance company is not willing to accept responsibility for the bicycle accident or disagrees with our assessment as to the value of our client’s claims.  In those cases, a lawsuit must be filed in order to protect our client’s claims.  

Filing a lawsuit does not mean that the at-fault insurance company will never settle the claim.  It means only that further work must be done to better understand the facts of the bicycle accident and the value of the victim’s claims.  

The decision to file a lawsuit for a bicycle accident claim is always left up to our client, who is fully advised as to the process from start to finish.  

There are many other issues that come up during the course of a bicycle accident claim.  If you have any questions regarding your bicycle accident, give us a call today to schedule a free and confidential consultation.  If you can’t come to us, we will come to you!