What to expect during your initial consultation with our Personal Injury Attorney

Grady Flattmann
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1.  Consultations With Our Personal Injury Attorney Are Always Free And Confidential

No need to worry about coming up with money to pay for an initial consultation.  It is free.  Also, our meeting will be completely confidential unless you tell us otherwise. 

2.  I Know It Is Uncomfortable.  My Job Is To Listen.

I know you are probably hurting, scared, and have a lot of questions about your case.  This may be your first experience meeting with an attorney.  There is no need to be nervous.  My job is to listen to you and ask you questions in order to assess your case. 

3.  What Should I Bring With Me?

Please bring whatever documents, photographs, videos, and other evidence you have.  If you are not sure if something is important for me to see, please bring it anyway.  Please also bring your driver's license and health insurance card.  Finally, it is very important to bring your own insurance policy declaration's page (That's the paper showing the types and amounts of coverage you have). 

4.  What Will We Accomplish?

By talking and reviewing your documents, I will let you know if you have a case.  We will also talk about how we may be able to help you.  If you decide to hire us, we will come up with a game plan and talk about the steps we are going to take to accomplish your goals.

5.  My Promise To You.

As a Personal Injury Attorney, my promise to you is that I'll be available for you when you need me, not only at our initial consultation, but throughout your case.  While I cannot take away your pain, I promise to make the process as stress free and easy on you as possible. 

Contact us today at (985) 590-6182 for a free and confidential consultation from our office located in Covington and serving all areas of the Northshore including St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, and Washington Parish (Covington, Mandeville, Madisonville, Slidell, Hammond) and the New Orleans metro!


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